a few months ago, i had the opportunity to be in on this proposal and had to share.  i was doing a family session for his family and in the middle of it, he dropped to his knee and surprised her with the ring.  seriously the sweetest thing i've seen in some time.  here's wishing them all the best.




so much for reviving the blog. wonderful surprise news came for us this spring...a new little grant will be joining our family just before christmas. we couldn't be more excited. but this has also meant putting my photography on hold, at least for the time being. i wish i was one of those women who could carry on life as usual while i'm pregnant, but it turns out i'm not. so my family is coming first and there's not room for much else at this point. one day i will get back to photography as a business, but for now, it's all about my family. i can't wait to get this sweet little baby in my hands and in front of my camera.

may you enjoy what is left of summer...i know we are.



wow, it's been awhile! i figure it's time to revive the blog. what with spring on it's way and all it seems fitting. and i'm so itching for some longer, warmer days to get out and take some photos. since i haven't posted for months, i do have some catching up to do. i'll start with my dear friend carrie and her family. sessions with them are always a good time.






i have a friend. she's gorgeous. and she's funny. and i can tell her anything. and she listens. and she understands. and i laugh constantly when i am with her...at least the two of us think we're pretty hysterical. although our husbands are usually rolling their eyes at us. i'm lucky to have found her and even more lucky that she trusted me to take some photos of her family, since she's kind of a perfectionist when it comes to family pictures. love you kerri!





my favorite family came back again and i have lots more to share of these beauties.

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had to share just this one tonight. this is the sweet baby of one of my best friends. whenever i need to smell that newborn baby smell or snuggle a tiny little body, it's nice to know i can head over to her house and get that fix.



this may just be my most favorite session ever...it's definitely on my top three. but then, when you have a completely gorgeous family, it comes so easy.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


this session was a couple of years in the making. our first attempt was rained out. and then my schedule and their schedule just couldn't seem to fit together, and finally the date was set. we were ready to take some photos. and then the rains came again. so we both sat in our cars, hoping the storm would pass quickly. i was saying my prayers, and i'm sure this sweet mom was saying lots of prayers after going through the trouble of getting her kids ready for a photo session...so not an easy task. after about 15 minutes, the clouds parted and the skies cleared. prayers do get answered.








just an fyi, i am all booked up for the remainder of the year and looking forward to what the new year brings.

and because i love this image, i'm sharing it with you. this is my beautiful friend and her husband, and this photo is so them. love it.