i saw this great article and thought i would share.

as someone who has come onto the photography scene fairly recently (in the last few years), i realize how many people want something for nothing. and while photography is something that i am passionate about, it does take time away from the most important things to me, my kids and my husband. and not just the time when i'm actually taking the photos, but as the article explains, downloading and processing and prints and cds and the list goes on...it all takes time. lots of time.

i do this because i love it. i'm still honing my craft, evolving and changing and improving. i hope and pray that never stops. i realize the value there is in the emotion filled images of your loved ones...they are definitely worth every penny.

you can read the article here.


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  1. Ahem. Hence the reason I told you you are required to charge me full price period. When we were your guinea pigs, that was one thing. But now, you're worth every penny. Oh & I'm thinking mid-late October for pics?